Fascinating Insights About Conscious Capitalism From Janet Fouts

July 5, 2017

My guest today is Janet Fouts.

As the Founder and CEO of Tatu Digital Media, Janet Fouts brings a fresh perspective to social media marketing. Instead of the often-used scattershot approach, Janet believes in the surprising power of mindfulness, authenticity, and generosity. With twenty years of experience working with both Fortune 50 firms as well as tiny startups, Janet’s knowledge is extensive yet practical. If you want thoughtful, effective social media strategies that build long-term customer relationships, talk to Janet Fouts.

Janet is a best-selling author, having written 6 books on social media marketing, the most recent of which, “Mindful Social Marketing- How authenticity and generosity are transforming marketing” is available on Amazon. Janet also blogs at http://mindfulsocialmarketing.com and http://janetfouts.com and you can reach her on Twitter @JFouts

Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 10 of the BlueBird Podcast

Today I talk with Janet Fouts about "conscious capitalism". Businesses that are really conscious about how they affect the world around them practice conscious capitalism. 

In her article The Conscious Company Leaders Forum Janet goes into more detail about the companies that have realized that profitability doesn't automatically mean forgetting about everything else. As a Social Media professional I found this approach especially interesting because as we humanize marketing by adding a social element, the human connection becomes the key to success.

Janet introduces us to the term "triple bottom line": People, Planet and Profit. But conscious capitalism adds more factors to the equation:

  • The purpose of the business
  • The good that it's going to do in the world

I really think that this trend for companies to become more than money making machines fits well into our times where technologies and Social Media enable us to easily connect between companies and customers.

I invite you to listen to this interesting interview with Janet Fouts and let me know what you think either in the comments or by sending an email to podcast@bluebird.audio.

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